Cosmetic Safety Assessment Report

CPSR services offered for EU, UK and global market

  • 30 minutes
  • Teams/Skype

Service Description

Any company willing to sell their cosmetic product in the EU or UK markets must have a complete safety assessment performed by a qualified professional. The safety assessor will compile all the information in the form of a Cosmetics Safety Assessment Report in accordance with the GB or EU Cosmetics Regulations (EC No 1223/2009) . This safety report will consist of the following tasks: -Initial Product Screening (soon to be available for clients to self-check with our ‘Cosmetic Product Screening App’). This step would ensure that the formulation does not contain ingredients with restrictions upon its use. Compilation of the Product Information File (PIF), as part of this process we will gather the data required for us to proceed with Cosmetics Safety Assessment Report. As part of this task, we will conduct a detailed data gap analysis to ensure that all the relevant documents and data are available. If there are any gaps in the documentation, or lack of necessary laboratory testing (such as microbiology, specification, stability, preservation, compatibility and efficacy tests; including in vitro skin and eye irritation tests, human patch tests) we will advise and if required, source a complete range of tests. Our toxicologist will conduct a desk-based safety assessment of the finished cosmetic product and identify appropriate points of departure and calculate the safe levels of exposure for individual ingredients used in the complete formulation. We would also be able to advise you on how to modify the formulation (either as part of this service, or separately).

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